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    Guangzhou aiteli automobile supplies Co. Ltd. is the Chinese most professional R & D, production and sale of automotive decorative aromatic products in one enterprise.Aiteli since its inception, centering on the "professionalism" of the core development strategy, specializing in the production of "aiteli" brand automobile perfume, perfume, perfume adcictive, automotive air conditioning, air fresheners and other essential aromatic car decoration products; with technology innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, make the rapid development of aiteli has been at the forefront of the industry.

         Aiteli: technological innovation has a strong product development efforts, the introduction of international advanced equipment; the French Advanced perfumery technology and raw materials, the international advanced production line technology, the complete quality inspection center for testing, the production of products, first-class quality, excellence. Emphasis on the development of independent intellectual property rights, product innovation, technology innovation.
Ety Marketing Innovation: careful planning, diversified sales channels, strong trading platform, "Ety" brand products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia dozens of countries; domestic markets throughout the country, has a higher market share, repeated success, enjoy a good brand image in the industry. The integrity of the business, the development of enterprises and customers aiteli the closely together, to establish a strategic partnership business.
          Aiteli Management Innovation: aiteli to employee development and enterprise development as a whole, people-oriented, heavy morality, aiteli attaches great importance to the development of human resources, all rivers run into sea, to attract all kinds of talents, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, promote the enterprise culture, and continuously improve the overall quality and skills of employees, aiteli is a strength strong team.
         Quality is the basic line aiteli, innovation is the development direction of aiteli, pragmatic, integrity, pioneering is aiteli always adhere to the tenet "aiteli" brand products is your wise choice. In order to further promote the "aiteli" brand image, create better products, beauty, Aite and make efforts to do the best, "the first brand aiteli" striving for automotive products.


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